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Zoanthid (Zoanthus sp.)

Care level: Easy
Lighting: Moderately Bright Lighting
Flow level: Low - Medium
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive

Zoanthids are among the most diverse coral on the planet. They come in every conceivable coral and have taken the hobby by storm in recent years, with single polyps selling for upwards of £150.  

As care requirements go they are pretty straight forward and will do well in most if not all tanks. Start by placing the newly acquired colony on the bottom of the tank and slowly work it to where  you want over the space of a few weeks. Zoas grow in a carpeting mat, that will completely cover rocks.

 Be aware when handling certain animals may contain a paly-toxin.

Due to differences within species, your item may not look identical to the images provided.

Please phone the shop with regards to any coral as they may or may not be in stock.Tel:01768 894366


Type: Soft Coral

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