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Sun Coral (Tubastrea sp.)

Care level: Medium
Lighting: None
Flow level: Low - Medium
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive

Sun Coral is a non-photosynthetic coral this means it requires regular feeding as this is its only source of energy. With this in mind the coral needs no direct light so can be placed in areas not suitable for most other coral.

Does best when placed in a high flow area as this allows food to be blown at the coral. Any good coral food (Reef Roids, Goniopower, Reef Pearls) should be fed at least twice to maintain the health of the coral. it can also be target fed meaty foods such as Mysis, Krill or Brine.

Due to variations between animals your purchase may not be identical to the one in the picture.

Please phone the shop with regards to any coral as they may or may not be in stock.Tel:01768 894366


Type: LPS

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