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Riff Systems NG20L

The brand “RiffSystem” stands for unique quality!

The following product properties distinguish their reef ceramics from ceramics from other producers:

  • high porosity, up to 30% of water absorption
  • no release of silicates or harmful substances
  • natural colour (beige)
  • every piece is hand-made and thus, unique
  • unconstrained set-up – as close to nature as possible!
  • no introduction of vermin, such as aiptasia, crabs or bacteria
  • biologically active in no time
  • individual design and set-up options
  • many possible arrangement options
  • accurately fitting covers for pumps and equipment
  • hiding spots for tank inhabitants
  • improved water circulation around the reef via exact fitting of the ceramics
  • ready-to-use upon arrival; does NOT have to be pretreated or watered
  • great reduction in weight as compared to massive stone
  • undercurrents in the entire reef minimise sediments in the sand

Type: Riff System