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Reef Pearls 500-1000 microns

Reef Pearls are revolutionary feeds created by Reef Interests that are specially designed to stay up to 24 hours in the water column without leakage of nutrients. This allows long feeding time for your aquatic friends and less nitrates for your tank water. Reef Pearls also has neutral bouyancy and comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 500-1000 microns, which makes the pellets easier to catch and nibble.


  • Mimics zooplanktons
  • Different pellet sizes ranging from 500-1000 microns
  • Designed for filter and suspension feeders(crustaceans, corals, tunicates and bivalves)
  • Has neutral buoyancy, making pellets easy to capture
  • High in protein and essential fatty acid content
  • Microencapsulated particles remain stable for 4-24 hours in the water column
  • Low leakage of nutrients
  • Can be dosed by using a automated fish feeder
  • Phosphates are in an organic form instead of PO4
  • Lower pollution of your tank and better uptake of this essential element 

Type: Coral Food

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