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Oceanlife Strontium


Reef Strontium is a highly concentrated liquid strontium-based blend, with the remarkable result of 31000 ppm. This element is found in every marine creature and, if kept at natural values, have been observed a more rapid growth rate of corals and invertebrates.  
Moreover, where this element is lacking, it stimulates formation of chromoproteins responsible for the coral pigmentation.
For its preparation are used only very pure strontium salts.
Thanks to its purity, a prolonged use will not negatively affect the water quality and the result are healthy and colorful corals.



The value of strontium in natural sea water is 8 ppm.
You can use Reef Strontium simply adding to your tank 1 ml of product every 100 liters 1-2 times a week or when necessary.
Otherwise, to achieve better results, do measure the quanitity of strontium and use our software to calculate the quantity of Reef Strontium to be added to stay in a range of 7-8 ppm. If the initial value is below 7 ppm,  subdivide the doses to add no more than 1.5ml/100L every day.
1 ml of product will increase the strontium value of 0.31 ppm in 100 net liters.

Type: Additive

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