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Oceanlife Phos remover


Oceanlife Phosphate Remover is the latest nanoporous resin capable of removing large quantities of phosphates and silicates from water. Its power is impressive, 250 ml of the product can absorb up to 9000 mg of phosphate from freshwater and salt water and for a long period effectively treat more than 500 liters of water, depending on the population of the tank. It reduces the problems of filamentous algae and promote plant growth in freshwater and corals growth in sea water.

Its porosity and the peculiar structure make it ideal for the use in aquariums. The particle size and the extreme constancy of diameter of spherical particles, have been carefully designed to maximize the flow of water through them and optimize the absorption of phosphates.
Thanks to its quality, laboratory tests have shown that Phospate Remover release no undesirable substance and it is the unique, among competing products, that fall in the standards for the filtration of drinking water.

Type: Media

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