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Oceanlife Iron


Reef Iron is the best way to replenish the iron element in marine aquariums. It rapidly increases the iron concentration in reef aquariums and supplies a fondamental element for all the aquarium population. It's involved in all photosynthetic processes of the zooxanthellae living inside corals.
It enhances green colors and is a base element for bacterial metabolism.
Thanks to its purity, a prolonged use will not negatively affect the water quality and the result are healthy and colorful corals.



The value of iron in natural sea water is 0.01 ppm.
You can use Reef Iron simply adding to your tank 1 ml of product every 100 liters 3-4 times a week or when necessary.
Otherwise, to achieve better results, do measure the quanitity of iron and use our software to calculate the quantity of Reef Iron to be added to stay in a range of 0.01-0.05 ppm.
Do not overdose. In case of high levels of phosphates, it may encourages growth of algae.
1 ml of product will increase the iron value of 0.04 ppm in 100 net liters.


Type: Additive

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