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Oceanlife Flourine


The use of Oceanlife Fluorine allows to add a source of fluorine. With optimal water conditions, Fluorine accentuates coral colors making them more brillinat and intense.
It is also found bounded in the skeleton of the corals with a percentage of 2-4% and acts as hardener, making it stronger.
It slightly acts also as Zooxanthellae regulator.
The best results are obtained when the level of iodine is next to the natural value too.
Thanks to its purity, a prolonged use will not negatively affect the water quality and the result are healthy and colorful corals.



The value of fluorine in natural sea water is 1.3 ppm.
You can use Reef Fluorine simply adding to your tank 1 ml of product every 100 liters 1-2 times a week or when necessary.
Otherwise, to achieve better results, do measure the quanitity of fluorine and use our software to calculate the quantity of Reef Fluorine to be added to stay in a range of 1.0-1.4 ppm.
Do not overdose.
10 ml of product will increase the fluorine value of 0.9 ppm in 100 net liters.


Type: Additive

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