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Oceanlife Coral Bright 500ml

Coral Bright is able to decrease the density of the zooxanthellae living inside corals.
It acts on all types of coral with zooxanthellae.
If there are too many zooxanthellae inside corals, they will negatively affect metabolism, inhibiting the growth. A coral with too many Zooxanthellae will therefore be very dark and will have stunted or entirely absent growth. The protraction of this situation for a long time can even lead to coral death.
The use of Coral Bright is recommended to experienced users that are able to evaluate the product dosage according to the corals reactions.



The dosage of Coral Bright should be made when necessary and until corals have attained a proper Zooxanthellae concentration. The systematic and prolonged dosage can lead to a resistance and to the need to dose more product to get the same result.
You should start by measuring 1/3 of the normal amount (1 ml per 100 liters) and gradually increase your dose up to a maximum of 3 ml per 100 liters at intervals of 10-15 days until you see the expected result.
After this first tuning period, dose the quantity that produced the expected result.
Once you get the result, stop the dosage to avoid creating resistance.
Repeat the treatment if necessary.

Type: Additive

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