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Oceanlife Biogensis

The Berliner bases its success on the use of live rock , strong lighting, abundant water movement and filtration entrusted to a skimmer . In this way it creates an environment that simulates what happens in the natural reef , or the removal of pollutants by surface- skimmer and a reduction in non-polar compounds pollutants by live rocks (which are home to an internal collection of microorganisms able to complete the nitrogen cycle ) .

Biogenesis Ultra Life and represent the evolution of the ameliorative famous Berliner system .

Biogenesis is a bacterial product that enzyme powder broad spectrum with biocatalysts minerals , indicated to optimize and accelerate the cycles of nitrogen and phosphorus and the reactions of mineralization of the organic substance . Thanks to an extra pool of anaerobic facultative bacteria , activates denitrification processes while also reducing the layer of sediment . In this way we obtain a complete filtration and effective , capable of removing nitrates, phosphates and organic matter. Thanks to its use, it greatly speeds up the maturation of the tank , helping to achieve and maintain a stable biological balance . Biogenesis provides the best results when used in conjunction Oceanlife Ultra Life and a skimmer efficiently. Do not use in the presence of filter as Germicidal UVC lamps or Ozonators . The powder formulation ensures maximum performance and is up to 10 times more effective than the liquid equivalent.

By reducing these pollutants will be able to create an environment that allows the corals to grow fast , healthy , with just the right amount of zooxanthellae (which, if in excess , make the brown coral ) and giving observers their magnificent colors.

Type: Additive

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