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Oceanlife Balling Ready Water 4

The Balling Ready products are ready to use solutions to replace the use of the Calcium Reactor. They are the simplest way for doing it.
They have been developed to be used in a simple way with dosing pumps and without having to weigh and dissolve components.

The Balling software will help you with the dosage calculation and to maintain the right dose during time, without having to do boring mental arithmetic.

Just fill the form with the test results and the distance (in days) between the two tests and the software will calculate all automatically. Simple!


Ready WATER 4 is a Sodium Chloride free solution to be used following the Balling method.
This solution contains all the elements of natural sea water except for Sodium Chloride. This solution is enough to prepare 20 liters of ready water to be exchanged with the water of the aquarium following the following instruction.

The Balling method use chloride and sodium based compounds to replenish calcium and carbonates instead of using a calcium reactor. During time, NaCl accumulates in water altering the ionic equilibrium. It is advisable to replace some water with NaCl free solution to restore balance.
For doing that, follow the subsequent approximate formulas or, for your convenience, follow the link on the left to use the automated software with the exact formulas.
We suggest to perform water exchanges on a weekly basis, to preserve the maximum ionic equilibrium.
Calculation with Ready Ca 1:

W4 exp1 en



Calculation with Ready KH 2:

W4 exp2 en



So, for example, if you dose 10ml daily of Ready Ca 1 and you are doing water exchanges every 7 days, you should exchange

W4 exp3 en



For your covenience, you can follow the link on the left and use our online calculator.

Type: Additive

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