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Oceanlife Balling Ready Elements 3

The Balling Ready products are ready to use solutions to replace the use of the Calcium Reactor. They are the simplest way for doing it.
They have been developed to be used in a simple way with dosing pumps and without having to weigh and dissolve components.

The Balling software will help you with the dosage calculation and to maintain the right dose during time, without having to do boring mental arithmetic.

Just fill the form with the test results and the distance (in days) between the two tests and the software will calculate all automatically. Simple!


Ready ELEMENTS 3 is a ready to use macro and micro elements replenish solution to be used following the Balling method.
It contains Magnesium, Strontium, Boron and Potassium and many micro elements.

We would recommend maintaining magnesium levels in the range of 1300-1450 ppm through the use of Ready ELEMENTS 3. Prior to making any additions please check your magnesium levels using Oceanlife Aqua Test Magnesium test kit and calculate your magnesium consumption during one week. Then calculate the daily quantity of Ready ELEMENTS 3 to be added to maintain the magnesium value stable.
Use the following formula:

EL3 exp1 en

Reading 1 = 1450 mg/l
Reading 2 = 1440 mg/l
Days from reading 1 to reading 2 = 30
Tank capacity = 300 liters

EL3 exp2 en

For your covenience, you can follow the link on the left and use our online calculator.

Type: Additive

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