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Nualgi 50ml

How to Get the Good Stuff Growin’…

Of all the various species of algae, Diatom Algae are the most prolific and create most of the food for marine life to consume. Without the magic of Mother Nature, creators of artificial environments like aquariums have a difficult time formulating the right balance of positive algae growth. Instead, nuisance algae forms, thus spoiling your aquarium. That’s why you need Nualgi: to get the good stuff growing!

Nualgi Aquarium is the first product of its kind that can grow Diatom Algae in almost any water substrate

By providing these essential nutrients on a nano-silica base less than 100 nano-meters across (that is 400x smaller than a human hair), Nualgi Aquarium stays suspended in water. This allows nutrients to travel farther and stay suspended in water longer than larger, macro-sized particles – reaching every corner of your tank and increasing the bio-availability of the nutrients for easy absorption.

Why Is This Good For My Aquarium??

Upon application of Nualgi Aquarium, desirable species of  Diatoms grow and are quickly converted to live food like zooplankton which is attractive to marine life. In a process that mimics their feeding habits in Mother Nature, the Diatoms created by adding Nualgi is consumed by zooplankton. The zooplankton is then consumed as LIVE food for your fish and corals! Creating free food for your tank is cool, BUT what is truly amazing…

By kick-starting this natural process, the diatoms overtake the nuisance algae by outcompeting them for nutrients, thus starving and eventually eliminating the bad algae from your tank!

Why is this amazing? Well, as you know, overfeeding a tank can cause nutrients to build up beyond the levels your tank can handle processing efficiently. This excess of nutrients can causes all types of algae to bloom, which beyond putting a blemish on the world you worked so hard to create, can lead to poor health for your fish and corals, and more problems if left unchecked.

Spend MORE time enjoying your tank with less time and money cleaning it!

When you add Nualgi to your tank, the diatoms it creates helps break this cycle in your aquarium by consuming any excess nutrients. Some nutrients are converted into Oxygen via photosynthesis and the rest are locked away in the biomass consumed as live fish food. This cycle continues improving your water quality and clarity, because you can feed your critters less – allowing you to spend MORE time enjoying your tank and less time/money cleaning it!

Type: Additive

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