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Deltec MCE300 Hang on Skimmer

The high manufacturing tolerances and design of the special venturi and pinwheel produce 130 lts of air per hour, (150lts for 110v US model), giving it the same level of performance that you would expect from all Deltec skimmers and outperforming any other skimmer in its class.The four most important things to consider for a high performance protein skimmer are:

  • Air Volume
  • Bubble Size
  • Air Volume 
  • Air Volume

Foam Fractionation (Protein Skimming) is a process where protein wastes are removed from water by differential electrostatic attraction at an air /water interface. The more air and the smaller the bubbles in contact with the water, the higher the surface area for reaction and the higher the efficiency of the skimmer.The patented Deltec pinwheel rips the air into the finest bubbles for maximum effect.Contact time is important but only if there is insufficient air for immediate reaction.Comparative testing shows that most manufacturers claim a much higher suitable tank size for their skimmers with half the air volume or less.
Suitable for:

  • High stocking: 225 ltrs (50 gallons)
  • Normal stocking: 320 ltrs (70 gallons)

Dimensions (mm):

  • Length: 173
  • Width: 210
  • Height: 440

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