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Maxspect Ethereal LED Unit with Controller

An included matt black metal mounting arm elegantly reaches over your tank supporting the striking, airy Ethereal lighting fixture. The attractive yet highly functional aluminium body acts as a heat sink to absorb and dissipate heat away from the LEDs in the unit. The unique curvature on the top plate design not only is functional but also blends beautifully into the surrounding space, making the Ethereal not just an aquarium accessory but part of your home decor.


This simple yet powerful controller allows you to connect and control up to 200 Ethereal lights as well as future Maxspect products. One controller is all you need to stay connected with all your Maxspect products. You will never find redundant controllers cluttering up your tank ever again, allowing for a clean install.


Fully customize the ethereal LED lighting system with the easy to use ICV6 app. The app comes with 4 preset programs to choose from or create your own with the intuitive programming. 4 different custom profiles can be saved and swapped to suit your needs. Make adjustments on the fly and watch as Ethereal transform your commands into a light show.

Type: LED

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