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Jecod Return Pump DCT 2,000

The key features of these pumps are detailed below:
10 Speed Controller
Slight head increase over previous models
Controller now incorporates electronic detection of error conditions and visual warnings.
These pumps are designed to be ultra quiet for submerged pump applications.

DCT-2000 (20W) Maximum flow rate of up to 2,000 litres/hour - adjustable from 600 - 2,000 litres per hour.
High performance motor with innovative electronics resulting in power savings up to 65%
Ultra quiet
Electronic detection of no water enables automatic power off protection
Motor protection if rotor is blocked
Can be used in Marine and Freshwater applications
No copper elements
Long operation life is achieved by the use of wear resistant ceramic shaft
Soft start operation - pump gradually builds up to set flow rate
Feed mode disables pump for 10 minutes
8 speed settings (30% - 100%) for DC1200/2000 - setting is retained if power is lost.
DCT Pumps have 10 speed settings

Dimensions: L x W x H (mm): 
DC650 = 65 x 40 x 60
DC1200 = 92 x 56 x 81
DCT2000 = 99.5 x 67 x 94

Type: Pump

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