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Fire Dartfish (Nemateleotris magnifica)

Fire Dartfish are a perfect addition to smaller reef tanks with peaceful inhabitants. These fish can be very skittish and are prone to jumping, so a lid is a must. They can be kept in groups or singly although they may be more confident when kept in a group.

It is usually best for them to be one of the first fish added to the tank. This allows them to learn their environment and build confidence. Semi aggressive species like Damsels may cause the dartfish to hide, again another reason why they should only be kept with other peaceful species.

All in all Dartifsh are a great beginner fish and make a wonderful addition to peaceful reef tanks.  

Care level: Easy
Minimum Tank Size: 200
Max Length: 5.7"
Temperament:  Peaceful 
Reef safe:  With Caution


Type: Dartfish

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