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EA Aquascaper 1200

Natural Halifax oak
Tobacco Halifax Oak
Royal Natural Oak
Raw Concrete Oak
Super-Matt Grey
Super-Matt Anthracite
Super-Matt Cream
Ultra-Gloss Bronze
Ultra-Gloss Copper
Ultra-Gloss Metallic Anthracite
Ultra-Gloss Metallic Black
Ultra-Gloss Plum
Ultra-Gloss White
Ultra-Gloss Black
Ultra-Gloss Japanese Pear

Introducing The Aquascaper aquarium range by Evolution Aqua. The Aquascaper range was conceived in collaboration with George Farmer, the UK’s best known and most prolific aquascaper, and combines design, and premium quality with aquascaping principles.

The combination of the finest low iron glass, high polishing techniques and near perfect silicone work come together to provide a nearly invisible tank which will enhance and highlight the aquascape within it.

The Aquascaper aquariums and cabinets are manufactured from the highest quality materials, ready to be equipped and installed at your convenience


Stunning Aquariums

The Aquascaper aquariums are available in six sizes.

All aquariums will be available either on their own or with the cutting edge 16 colour cabinet range currently enjoyed by the eaReef range, but all The Aquascaper cabinets will come will the all-important cut outs in the side panels for filter hoses, CO2 hose and lighting cables.

Length: 1200mm
Width: 600mm
Height: 450mm
Volume: 297 Litres (Nett)

Type: Fish Tank

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