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Button Polyp (Protopalythoa sp.)

Care level: Easy
Lighting: Moderately Bright Lighting
Flow level: Low - Medium
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive

Button Polyps come in a range of colours and sizes. It is difficult to tell they different species apart by eye so they are generally all known as "Palys". They can survive in almost any tank, and are generally referred to as a great starter coral.

With regards to placement Plays do best when placed lower in the aquarium. Plays can tolerate high or low flow although high flow can cause them to close up on occasion. 

Be aware when handling certain animals may contain a paly-toxin.

Due to variations between animals your purchase may not be identical to the one in the picture.

Please phone the shop with regards to any coral as they may or may not be in stock.Tel:01768 894366


Type: Soft Coral

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