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Blue Green Chromis (Chromis viridis)

Blue Green Chromis  are one the most popular Damsels in the hobby. This is down to their stunning colouration and peaceful nature. Chromis will thrive when kept in groups of 6 plus individuals, when kept singly the individual will slowly wither away. 

While many hobbyest buy these fish for their shoaling nature this is rarely seen in captivity. This is probably due to the size of shoals these fish form in the wild and distance between individual fish. 5 fish forming a shoal with each placed 10-15cm apart won't look like a shoal. However if you increase the number to 500 plus fish, the shoal will be clearly visible. 

Care level: Easy
Minimum Tank Size: 100 litre
Max Length: 4"
Temperament:  Peaceful 
Reef safe:  Yes


Type: Damsel

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