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Blastomussa (Blastomussa wellsi)

Care level: Moderate
Lighting: Moderately Bright Lighting
Flow level: Low
Temperament: Peaceful

Blastomussa is often mistaken for mushroom coral as the polyps share a similar shape. This is where the similarities end, Blastomusas are an LPS coral that requires much more stable water conditions that mushrooms.  

Blastos require low to medium flow and a lowish light level meaning the are suited to the lower half of a reef tank. Given time they will grow into a stunning colony, so it is important to provide adequate space around the coral. 

Due to variations between animals your purchase may not be identical to the one in the picture.

Please phone the shop with regards to any coral as they may or may not be in stock.Tel:01768 894366

Type: LPS

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