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Auto Aqua Mini ATO Single Sensor

  • Small & Compact
  • Patented Anti-Wave Sensor(s)
  • Universal Holder for Rimmed & Rimless tank - NO SUCTION CUPS
  • Operates at low DC voltage
  • Very Easy Setup
  • Safely keep water & salinity levels (in Marine Aquariums) stable
  • Adapts to most aquarium/sumps.
  • 1 year Warranty


Everything needed is included with these ATO's -  including the Universal holder & mounting tube,  Power Adapter,  DC brushless pump capable of pumping to a height of 200cm, Anti Wave level sensor(s) and  2m of Water Tubing.



DC Feed Pump model: DP-200

 Brushless (30000hrs) – Head : 200 cm

 Flow rate: 280L/HR

 Power: 4.5W@DC 12V

Type: ATO

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