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ATI Coral Ocean Premium Reef Salt 22kg

ATI Coral Ocean is a Premium Quality reef salt produced from the highest grade pharmaceutical chemicals and composed especially for reefers placing highest demands on sensitive stoney corals.

Free from synthetic additives and contains no nitrates, phosphates or silicates.

High quality German product.

A dry low-humidity reef salt with uniform consistency that is easy-to-use, naturally high in Calcium.

Contains most important trace elements and micronutrients at concentrations similar to those found in natural ocean water.

Improves Coral Health
High levels of important nutrients like calcium and magnesium lead to increased coral growth, better polyp extension, and enhanced coral colors, compared to lower quality salts.

Helps Prevent Algae
Free from synthetic additives and does not contain any nitrate, silicate, or phosphate which can lead to algae.

Easy To Use
A "dry" salt whose low humidity, like table salt, keeps the product uniform throughout and makes it easy to use.

Type: Salt

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