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Arcadia Stretch LED 30cm

The Classica STRETCH LED lamp combines innovation with a functional design.

This is a very low profile LED unit that extends to fit over various lengths of aquarium making it one of the most flexible units on the market.

• Various lengths ranging from 180mm – 1200mm
• Provides the ripple effect
• Low energy consumption
• Light unit waterproof to IP67
• 2 Year Guarantee

Additional Clips
For extra stability, each unit is supplied with clamp fixings (x4 – tank widths 8-18mm).

Dual Switch Controller
The dual light mode recreates daylight and moonlight conditions for a more natural day cycle.

Extendable Arm
The extendable arm allows the lamp to be mounted on a wide range of aquarium tanks.

The Marine unit utilises a mix of 1.5W at 12,000K, RGB and 0.24W Actinc Blue LED providing superior full colour spectrum rendering for marine livestock. 

Type: LED

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