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Aqua Medic Heat Controller Duo

Digital temperature monitor and controller, for controlling and monitoring of under gravel heater and other heating systems

The temperature controller heat controller duo is used for controlling heaters and under gravel heating systems at the same time. Measuring and switching accuracy is 0.1 °C. The control range varies from 0 – 50 °C, the set value is in 0.1 °C increments and is controlled exactly to 1 °C. The maximum load for the heating systems and under gravel heater is 1,200 watts. Because of the integrated double socket it is possible to connect a heater and an under gravel heating system simultaneously. The heat controller duo is supplied with a temperature probe attached. The LCD display provides instant information on the current temperature, time and state of the connected units. The heating cable is controlled by a timer, the on/off time can be programmed. If the set value is not reached, the under gravel heater is switched on. To avoid overheating, both sockets switch off as soon as the set value is reached.

Type: Controller

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