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Aqua Medic AntiRed 250ml

Antired will successfully eliminate red slime algae in saltwater aquaria. antired is safe with invertebrates, is not harmful to nitrifying bacteria and enhances macro algae growth. 
During treatment, the skimmer has to remain switched on and the carbon filter has to be switched off. The dead algae should be removed rapidly by a power filter.

Remove as much red algae as possible mechanically before treaatment, as the algae release toxic substances as it dies.Observe the aquarium during treatment, If the fish become distressed transfer them immediately to another aquarium. Switch protein skimmer on (Skimming will be intensified). Do not use any ozone or UV.
Remove carbon filters. Remove dead algae rapidly with a power filter. Discard the mechanical filter media after use. 10 ml per 40 litres. Mix the dose into 2 litres of aquarium water and add half slowly to aquarium. Add the rest 4 - 6 hours later. Repeat after 3 days if required

Type: Treatment

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