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3DM Pro Filter Rings 9-11mm

Looking for a cutting edge biological filter medium for your aquarium? Look no further than the 3DM Pro Filter Media Ring. This mineral based beneficial bacteria medium has a tough macro-porous structure, developed from the most advanced technology. It promises longer water retention time whilst improving water quality, combined with a neutral PH level. 

The 3DM Pro Filter Medium effectively establishes nitrogen cycles, helping to eliminate ammonia and nitrate, thus improving poor quality water and all diseases and toxins carried within it. The ring is distinctively lightweight with a 3-dimensional cavity (micro, medium and large cavities) to increase the overall surface area for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to colonize - a process required for effective nitrogen cycles. 

The surface area of the 3DM Pro Filter Media Ring is around 25550m2 / litre - a quality which goes unmatched within the filter medium market today. Its clever Bio-membrane flaking, prevents the clogging up of cavities and micro tunnels, reducing the damaging effect of fine exo-skeletal particles which can often reduce the effectiveness of a filter media. 

Lastly, the 3DM Pro Filter Media Rings are non-toxic. environmentally friendly and will not modify the pH level of your water, making it a suitable filter medium for soft water, hard water and marine tanks. 

Type: Filter Media

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